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Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Morning Prayer


is not size

is not weight

is not form

is not an idea

is not studied planning – IS PLANNING IN ITSELF

is not large or small – IS LARGE AND SMALL – IS GRAND

is not heavy or light – is weightless – not weighty

is not much or little – is everything

is not beginning or end – IS BEGINNING AND END – boundless

is not sense or logic – is emotionally LOGICAL

is not known is not practicable – IS ABLE TO BE EXPERIENCED

is now and before and tomorrow – IS ALWAYS

is new and old – is newer than NEW, OLDER THAN OLD

is unchangeable, is renewable, not reproducible

is not science

is not technique

is not goal

is not effectiveness

is not moderation

is not fashion

is not trend

is not fixed – is definable

is not a solution

is not a luxury – is wealth in SIMPLICITY

is intrinsically valuable

is unsubstantial substance

is corporeality begotten by spirit

is absent presence – enriching occupancy

is unconfined space within specialty

is extraordinarily ordinary

Excerpt from a text by great belgian architect

Juliaan Lampens (b. 1926)

Picture: House Van Wassenhove, Sint-Martens-Latem, 1974